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K9 Nose Work

K9 Nose Work is a fun search and scenting game for dogs and owners alike, inspired by real detection dogs.

Many dogs gain confidence and concentration from this simple pastime and sport, which also provides a safe approach to keep canines fit and healthy via mental and physical training. A lot of breeds as puppies, a Australian Cattle Dog puppy for example, need a lot of mental stimulation and training to tire them out. If you do not utilize mental dog games, your herding dog will be very naughty. Taking a puppy for a walk or run does not exude near enough energy, and you cannot take them too far and fast because you will ruin their joints. So, we have to utilize things like scent work that make them use their brain without even knowing it. It is a completely natural thing for a dog to do, and they love it! All breeds, small, large, handicapped or not, and same goes for the humans, can participate. I just love it, and so do my dogs. We have competed as well as just do scent work games for fun.


The dogs are trained to search containers, objects and areas for specific odors. In a AKC trial they can be Birch, Clove, Anise, & Cypress. "How do you get a dog to find the specific smells?" That is a great question, and that is where the awesome instructors come into this game. One amazing trainer that has taught me is Jamie Bozzi. She will explain in the classes how odor works and behaves, as well as how to train the dog to source and search for odor. If you want to play a fun game with your dog that is fun, a natural behavior for them, easy for you, and becomes very good for confidence building & bonding you with your dog? Scent work (nose work) is a very great option!  

We start with getting your dog to be enthusiastic about using his nose to find a favorite toy or treat reward inside several boxes, and K9 Nose Work gradually expands the game to include entire rooms, outside locations, buried hides, and automobiles. Target scents are introduced as you and your dog's confidence improves, and competitive skills are taught. 

The following are just a few of the many advantages of K9 Nose Work:


  • When searching, dogs readily use a lot of mental and physical energy.

  • Anywhere you can take your dog, you may conduct a search.

  • There is no requirement for prior training or compliance.

  • In lessons, dogs work one at a time and rest crated or securely in a car between searches, allowing resting dogs to participate as well.

  • Overactive dogs channel their energy into enjoyable searches, while shy or scared dogs gain confidence.

  • As the handler learns to watch, comprehend, and rely on his dog, the handler and dog form a stronger relationship.

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