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Hello ACD enthusiasts,

I am Jen Vanasse, a Registered Veterinary Technician in Southern California. I am the breeder at Tin Roof Australian Cattle Dogs. I have been an ACD owner since 1989. I am passionate about everything that goes into producing healthy, well adjusted, properly socialized ACD puppies (commonly referred to as blue or red heelers). It takes a lot of dedication, to properly train and socialize an Australian Cattle Dog. This website is meant to give you easy access to educating yourself about the breed. If you have not owned and raised an ACD before, you may actually not want to once you read about the breed traits. All breeds of dogs are developed for a purpose. This breed is a herding dog that is bred to do a specific job. One being arguing with bulls for a living and being independent thinkers. You can imagine why they are stubborn, and persistent. My job as a code of ethics breed preservationist is to be here for you to help educate you and support you through your ACD journey. Please do your due diligence and educate yourself about the breed traits that have-to-have boundaries and proper management. For me, I understand this breed. I understand the time it takes to properly introduce them to novel items, people and places to raise and train an ACD puppy. I truly enjoy spending time training and competing with my dogs or just hanging at home with them.  The amazing Australian Cattle Dog makes my heart so full of joy. To create healthy puppies for others to experience the same joy makes me even happier. There is something very special about owning an Australian Cattle Dog that is difficult to explain. If you have owned one, then you know what I am talking about. If you have not owned one; I would say it is a combination of their devout loyalty, their strong almost human like personality, and their selfless devotion to making us happy that makes me fall in love with the breed. They are so funny, and each one has a unique personality.  I could go on and on, for the sake of saving space, this is the best I can do for now. You will just have to own one to have the opportunity to feel the experience.

Please do your homework! I have tried to provide a lot of information for you on this website. Check out the informative links, and pages to read all about Australian Cattle Dogs. ACDs are not for the first-time dog owner. They are not an "easy" breed. Are you ready for an ACD to own you? That is what will happen. These dogs will own your heart. It is something every dedicated dog owner should get to experience! Please feel free to contact Tin Roof ACDs today if you have any questions.  

Information & Activities
ACD/ Blue heeler puppy

Sometimes referred to as "blue heelers", is the Australian Cattle Dog. Our puppies are AKC Registered, DNA Health testing on all sires/dams to be "A" Clear for prcd-PRA & PLL +,  micro-chipped, age appropriate vaccinations, and de-worming. Puppy Culture, early neurological stimulation, socialization, and raised in our home. You can subscribe for pupdates on the contact page


dalmatian puppy sniffing a hearing testing machine

Hearing testing for puppies and dogs. testing for congenital deafness is quick and non-invasive to the dog/puppy. The results are reviewed by a DVM and are OFA certifiable if the owner would like to send them in. Contact us for more information on congenital deafness, and B.A.E.R. (Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response) hearing testing. 

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australian cattle dog looking up with its paw on a tire
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