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Devon's Billie Jean RATN RATO PT

"Billie Jean"

Australian Cattle Dog gazing out into the ocean from above on some rocks

Billie was my first "blue", and my first AKC Registered ACD. I had purchased Billie as a pet to learn from my beloved 'ol red girl "Kaycee" before she went downhill. Billie Jean arrived on a Friday (as a puppy) and two days later I was laying Kaycee bug to rest. It is so crazy how things turn out. It was just Billie Jean and I for a while. The rest is like a quarter horse race. I jumped in with both feet and I am not sure where the time flies to! Billie and I went to some basic herding lessons. We were able to achieve her PT herding title. Unfortunately, Billie sustained an injury to her back, and she has a little hitch in her get along. (Nothing related to herding). However, nothing stops this little Blue Bonsai. She is the Gal in charge even though she is the smallest of the pack. Billie is a 2014 model, and she came into my life just after I had survived some medical emergencies. It almost seems as if Kaycee had pulled through as long as she did just for me. I feel as though Kaycee handed off the torch of "taking care of me" to Billie so she could let go. Weird, I know. Maybe it is just a fluke, but regardless, she is my baby girl no matter how old she gets. She is a great all-around girl; she loves kids, people, most dogs, and loves to snuggle. I started doing barn hunt with Billie because she was the trustiest "is there a mouse" detective. She has since become really good at the game of barn hunt competitions. She has earned the titles RATN & RATO. She loves the rat ring and going anywhere with me that she can. Billie will always be in my heart forever and ever. She will continue to compete in barn hunt and babysit/ snuggle with me for as long as possible.  I love my lil Billie Jean, she has my heart. XOXO 

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