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Hello, I am Jen Vanasse, the breeder behind the Tin Roof ACD puppy program. I have often felt throughout my lifetime that my relationship with my dogs, has truly saved me. I feel like they are still saving me by teaching me how to be a better leader each day. 
One purpose of a quality breeding program for me is that I am going to create smiles and joy for people through the puppies and media produced by Tin Roof ACDs. I love taking photos and making videos, of the dogs, puppies, Tin Roof ACDs participating in dog sports, and sharing the activities on YouTube or social media. I want to show the versatility and potential of the breed. I truly enjoy the dogs' individual personalities and working through training components with each one. My potential improves through each dog as I improve the confidence and behavior of my dogs.  In everything that I have tried thus far, with my ACDs, my goals have turned into accomplishments that have helped me become a better individual. I continually strive to develop a puppy program that enriches, socializes, trains and helps prepare the puppies for the big world they have yet to endure by investing in other breeders and experts' teachings to educate myself on the proper methods. I am blessed with continued health, and my passion for the ACD continues to grow deeper.

Code of Ethics- AKC Breeder of Merit
Tin Roof is a code of ethics preservation breeding program; health testing and pedigrees are imperative. Following the guidelines of the breed standard and working abilities of the breed is a priority. I want share information about the ACD to those interested in them. I try to properly educate those interested in potentially adding a "heeler" to their life. I strive to continually improve the breeding, training program and myself to evolve and promote and preserve the breed to the highest standard. Tin Roof's goals in breeding include ethical breeding, quality, healthy, properly socialized puppies, and providing lifetime support to my Tin Roof Family.
My personal history with ACDs, I have been an Australian Cattle Dog owner (backyard bred "heelers" initially) since 1989, and I have not wavered since. There is something very special about owning an Australian Cattle Dog that is hard to explain. If you have owned one, you know what I am talking about. If you have not owned one; I would say it is a combination of their loyalty, their strong personality, and their selfless devotion to making us happy that makes me fall in love with the breed. They are comical, and each dog has a unique personality.  I could go on and on, for space's sake, that is all the detail I will include for now. You truly just have to own one to feel the experience! I am an advocate for the breed, and enjoy making highly enriched, and well socialized ACD puppies for those that also love this breed.

Do you want to be happy?
Your success is truly up to you when you add an ACD to your life. I am going to be very blunt and realistic with you now. Please take a seat if necessary while I attempt to prepare you for the ACD ownership success line. To be happy owning a ACD you are going to have to provide the proper education to your puppy / dog. It is very similar to parenting tactics. If you want a well-mannered and successful child, you set up the knowledge of right from wrong with consequences for not abiding by the very clear set of rules. You have to educate yourself on the requirements on how to be a proper leader for your dog. There truly are specific timing to teaching a dog. It is absolutely mandatory to commit to dedicating the time to properly train your puppy/dog, but you have to know how, first. Training consists of educating yourself so you can provide structure, consistency, and clear expectations with guidance for your dog. This breed is smart and hearty, and they will take advantage whenever they can. ACDs will become an unruly disaster in your life if you emotionally caudle and spoil them like an infant child. This breed is not for the complacent or mediocre dog owner. They do not need exercised as a pup until their joints are ruined. The ACD is a breed that requires clear boundaries, consequences (positive & negative), & not allowing or rewarding disrespect and lack of discipline. If you do not believe in yourself and cannot self-reflect to provide the confidence of a proper leader; an ACD will take over your life. Period. There are no bad dogs, just dogs that are allowed to misbehave. These dogs are simply dogs searching for a consistent schedule, a strong leader that they can trust to advocate for them. If it is not established what is appropriate and what the consequences are; the behaviors that evolve will not be desirable. A cattle dog will take advantage of the weak leader just as a person would take advantage of someone with no boundaries. Protecting your dog from unwanted occurrences to build their trust that you are their advocate and a safe leader. No dog parks, no daycares, no on leash nose to nose introductions, not allowing your nervous dog that does not like being touched by strangers to be forced to be touched by strangers, not allowing guarding, reactivity, and aggression, proper timing and guidance for your dog's learning is essential. Be on top of your game, get your dog solid with you, and do not add extra challenges (to include praise from you which is a huge problem creator). You have to be an advocate for your dog's specific personality. Unwanted petting, hugging, kids, strangers, unruly dogs, or dangerous (in the dog's opinion) circumstances will cause the dog to take matters into their own paws and become explosive, aggressive, or avoiding those situations all together creating a constant state of anxiety. Being attentive to who your dog is and what they are comfortable with is a gateway to trust building by advocating for your dog. Your dog will respect your strength as a leader by you demanding them to follow rules and to know what is expected of them with consistent structure will build confidence. If you caudal, nurture, enable and follow your soft emotional response to the dog's fear, you create more fear, more bad choices, spoiled, entitled, bratty, bossy, and dangerous behaviors later on in the dog. 
This explanation of reality of the effects of proper dog ownership is not meant to scare you but to empower you! Your success and happiness are my goal. I do not want to send a puppy home with you that will ruin your life. If you are prepared to be a strong leader, you will have long term success and happiness. I, myself am still learning and practicing being a better leader and trainer for my dogs because I love them, and they deserve it. I want to instill the expectations clearly so they can relax and understand that I will protect them, and they will get structure and love, rather than spoiled and enabled to remain fearful, explosive, and straight up naughty.
If you are interested in a wonderful in-depth explanation to learning more about this, please start by checking out this book by trainer Sean O'Shea "The Good Dog Way- Loving them by Leading Them". (The Good Dog | Training & Rehabilitation) Please know that I have NO AFFILIATION with sales or training from this company, but I highly recommend reading this book before you get a puppy! Building a strong relationship based on trust due to providing your dog with the proper structure, correcting the wrong, and rewarding the correct behaviors at the proper timing will be more healing and rewarding for you than anything you have ever experienced in life. Your experiences will be truly enjoyable with your dog that is capable of making good choices and having impulse control in any situation.  Be the leader that you are and can be for your dog to feel safe and protected. 


Learn more!

Please check out the informative pages & links to read all about Australian Cattle Dogs. It is very important to see if you are ready for an ACD, and if a ACD is the correct breed for your household. An ACD will own your heart and bring a lot of pride for you and your accomplishments together. The bond is something every dedicated dog owner should get to experience! Please contact me today if you have any questions.  I would love to talk dogs with you or answer any questions you have.


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